Dizzy’s Dog Food Deliveries

Case overview

Through referral, Dizzy’s Dog Food Deliveries got in touch with the team here at Dabble with the aim of providing a simple solution for their customers to purchase their products online. With an existing ECWID store that they’d spent a lot of time inputting stock into and arranging their pricing structure, they wanted to keep the core shop very similar to it’s existing store, with a better front end/user friendly URL to visit the site on.

Unfortunately however, ECWID has it’s limitations with integrating into websites, and also isn’t the best platform for a business to grow with. Due to this, we’d suggested to Julia and Charles that in the near future, a WooCommerce replacement may be best.

2020 saw Dizzy’s begin to grow and hit the limitations of their previous ECWID website, and through discussions, it became apparent that the WooCommerce e-commerce solution would solve a lot of their niggles with the ECWID platform. WIth this, Dabble completely overhauled their website with a newer, more modern design to better incorporate WooCommerce into their site, exporting all of their existing products from their ECWID store and moving them to the new WooCommerce solution in May 2020.

Built on WordPress 5, their new website is now their customers one stop shop for all of their doggy needs.

The Results

The migration from Dizzy’s previous, ECWID based platform proved massively successful. Their new solution provides their customers the luxury of bi-weekly subscriptions, reducing the requirement for manual intervention.


Deliveries made

3m 41s

Average session duration


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