Recycling & Refurbishment

Our team at Dabble ensure a reliable and trustworthy end of life I.T. asset management service based in East Kent, recycling and reissuing desktop, laptops, monitors and mobile phones.

How does it work?

Contact Us

Give us a call or e-mail us through our website to let us know the quantity and type of items you wish to recycle.


We collect your items from anywhere in East Kent, or you’re welcome to drop them off to us for us to recycle too!

Data Removal

We securely wipe and remove all data from the devices and dispose of your old devices.

What does recycling entail?

When you or your business are finished using a device, it’s important to not just throw it away or take it to the tip. Recycling properly is not only vastly important to ensure your personal data is safely and securely removed from your computer’s hard drive, but it’s also your legal obligation in accordance with WEEE to make sure you safely recycle and dispose of the potentially hazardous materials within the device.

Dabble offer both collection and drop off services for your old hardware, whereby our team will remove all personal data from the device, and correctly refurbish or recycle the contents of the machine safely and in accordance with Microsoft’s Refurbishment Program.

What do we collect?
Mobile Phones
Network Equipment
Telephone Equipment
Other Miscellaneous IT Equipment
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