Computer Support

For computer based support with Dabble, we have multiple avenues you can opt for.
With ad-hoc support on a case by case basis, we can charge a one off £40.00 attendance fee. Alternatively,
you can opt for a monthly managed service for unlimited support over the given period.

Virus Removal

Random popups or malware on your machine? Let us know and we can swiftly perform both Virus and Malware scans to remove them.

Computer Upgrades

Is your PC running slowly? Outdated and in need of an upgrade? A simple check can be performed to let you know what component needs to be upgraded.

Regular Health Checkup

Regular health checks are vital to ensure your PC is running in tip-top shape. We can perform a regular maintenance check for as little as £20.00.

Custom PC Builds

Pre-built PC’s, although from large manufactures, do not offer the best bang for your buck. Anything from a gaming PC to render machine, we can come in budget. Just let us know.

Home Media Setup

Expanding your home network to provide all systems and devices in your house with your shared media content is key these days. A home media setup can start from as little as £40.00.

Home Network Setup

If you’re getting a poor WiFi signal throughout your house, or maybe want to connect up your speakers so you can play them in multiple rooms? Let us know, we can help!

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